Bonjivarteb Company

Shafapeik Department has started operating as a parent company in the field of medical and dental equipment since April 2010. Product representation in the dental department:

Ava Pezeshk Company
Amin Rah-e Salamat Physicians
Kai Japan Products
TPK surgical gloves
Iran Medical Equipment Management Company MEM
Has and provides the best quality services to dentists and agents across the country. Since September 1994, with the slogan of a stress-free holiday, it has started its services in the field of wound healing and ostomy and patient care at home on a 24-hour basis, and has made every effort for the well-being of its customers to provide them with security. Slowly Shapapik Company is a complete collection of the best brands of new dressings and wound and ostomy products, as well as consumer consumables and home care equipment. The presence of the best and humane experts and online services and immediate delivery of goods 24 hours a day to all parts of the country in this complex is a point of distinction that we are proud of..



IranHerbalHouse since 2018 with the aim of supplying goods directly in the market of saffron and medicinal plants from farmers to domestic consumers and It has started operating abroad and so far, thanks to God and the efforts of experts, a large number of farmers have joined the Iranian Saffron House group. In addition to greater economic prosperity, they were able to produce quality export products. Our goal is to serve all Iranian farmers and export Iranian climate products to all over the world. Hope we can get to this important soon To achieve. The company, with a commercial view of products and strengthening their exports, succeeded in exporting saffron, gums, essential oils and extracts, and medicinal plants to the Middle East. The Far East, the countries of Eurasia and Europe


Chemipeik is active in supplying all kinds of chemicals with experienced staff and is ready to meet your needs, dear customers in retail and wholesale scale. Cosmetic raw materials
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Food Ingredients
Industrial raw materials
Powders and pigments